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The politically correct are at it again. They are removing our traditions right before our very eyes and have waged a war on Christmas. The folks at are trying to bring back the traditions of the past. Read the poem, the Keep Christ poem below.

Keep Christ In Christmas Signs

Send them a message. Help your neighbors to understand the importance the traditions of the past. In our front lawn, install a Christmas yard sign. You will be surprised how economical it is to send a message and educate your entire neighborhood. Click on either of the above links to find out more on how to keep Christ in Christmas.

Keep Christ in Christmas Yard Signs

Keep Christ in Christmas Yard Signs

Prices for common quantities of 18" x 24" Ten Commandments yard signs (2 Sides 2 Color).

Not including wire stands. For wire stands, add $1.25 each. Shipping is a flat fee of $9.00.

Quantity Price
1 18.50 each
2-4 12.50 each
5-9 9.00 each
10-19 7.50 each

To order please call 256-523-6425.

Keep Christ in Christmas Yard Signs

To have your unique Keep Christ in Christmas Yard Signs go to the yard signs printer. Yard Signs election political To have your uniquely designed Christmas Yard Signs printed, Click Here

Is Christmas a Christian Holiday

Alabama was the first state to make Christmas a holiday in 1836. It was many years later before Christmas became a federal holiday.

In which one of the following years did Congress declare Christmas to be a legal public holiday?
a. 1856
b. 1870
c. 1890
d. 1912

Answer b.
it was approved under a Republican Reconstruction Congress.

Christmas in Early America

Christmas was not celebrated, but was suppressed in early America.
Puritans heaped contempt on Christmas and suppressed it. First, no holy days except the Sabbath were sanctioned in Scripture, second, the most egregious behaviors were exercised in its celebration (Puritan Leader Cotton Mather railed against these behaviors), and third, December 25 was ahistorical.

The Puritan argued that the selection of the date was an early Christian hijacking of a Roman festival, and to celebrate a December Christmas was to defile oneself by paying homage to a pagan custom, and it was considered to be a Catholic holiday, another reason that the Puritans made celebration of Christmas illegal.

James Howard Barnett notes in book, The American Christmas, that the Puritan view prevailed in New England for almost two centuries. The Plymouth Pilgrims put their loathing for the day into practice in 1620 when they spent their first Christmas Day in the New World building their first structure in the New World thus demonstrating their complete contempt for the day. A year later on December 25, 1621, Governor William Bradford led a work detail into the forest.

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